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The digital magazine age arrives

Mention has been made in the past over plans to make our magazine titles available in digital format and now that reality has finally arrived as our first digital issue is now available. Instead of reading your favourite magazine on your desk or lap, you can now read them on your desktop or laptop. Transforming print magazines into the Zinio digital format gives you the same content, the same graphics, plus the same look and feel of the conventional print magazines you enjoy.

So why a digital magazine?

Well, imagine you live in Canada, the USA, Australia, or somewhere else in the world where availability can be somewhat suspect. It could take quite a while for an issue to get to you and you may miss out on all those bargain buys! With a digital magazine you have instant access and won’t lose out because of delays. It’s also easier to read because you can zoom in and out at leisure, highlighting text and taking notes. You can also do an instant search on virtually anything contained within the issue, instead of thumbing through page after page thinking “now where did I see that?”
It doesn’t end there either. What if that digital magazine provided a fully interactive service so that all you need to do is click on an advert or editorial to link directly and send that person or business a message? What if you could just click on a picture and order a copy, watch a video, or even listen to music? It’s early days for us at the moment but all these possibilities will be coming in due course.


How does it work?
We digitise the actual pages of each magazine whilst it is in production – and then produce the Zinio version ready to be downloaded!

There are two flexible options for you to read your magazine – online, or via a download.
Online means you can read it no matter where you are in the world, and by download means you can read it quickly and easily offline, should you be without a net connection. Both methods can be used, and your online library will always allow you access to both editions.

The first time you use Zinio you download the FREE Zinio Reader™ (only 2mb) and then your digital issue is delivered to you automatically! Average download for a magazine on a broadband connection is just a few minutes – and you’ll have a perfect digital copy of the entire magazine saved on your PC – to be read at any time!


Just login on and click ‘My library’ to see all your magazines. Click the > play icon to read online.

How much does it cost?
We will be offering issues at the standard UK subscription rates – for anyone, anywhere! This means if you live outside the UK you’ll save on postage and time.
Scooterist Scene is available at the moment, but it won’t be long before others are available. These will be announced on our own websites and also on where you can also find out more about how Zinio works.

What about traditional printed copies?

Don’t worry, this is an additional option we are making. Conventional printed copies will still be available through the normal channels, so you can still read them as you are reading this now.

Mau Spencer, Editor.

Current Issue: Dec / Jan

Issue Dec / Jan
• Mau’s comment
• Mailbag
• Tapes Tailor’s hand of history
• Fitting Vespa badges
• Richard’s 150 Super
• Raiders of the lost archives
• Vespa love affair
• Diary dates
• Classifieds
• Rallies, club news, readers’ scoots and much more…
Issue 70

Issue 70
Dec / Jan


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