Free San Diego Dental Consultations January 1

Child brushing teethYour health never takes a holiday, so use a part of your New Year’s Day to visit Brighton Dental in San Diego, CA for a complimentary dental consultation. The goal is to help you maintain great oral health and nip problems in the bud so you can face the year ahead in the best health possible.

A number of organizations, including the American Dental Association, recommend visiting a dentist for oral health care at least every six months or as instructed by a dental professional. Between visits, you must take care of your own teeth, but we know the job can get out of hand if you wait too long between visits.

During you complimentary consultation with us, we will carefully look at your teeth and gums as well as the rest of your mouth, your head, your neck and more. We’ll see if there are any signs of vitamin deficiencies, cancer and other problems. We’ll also make sure your teeth line up properly and that your jaws move correctly. Then, we’ll tell you if action is needed to correct problems.

In most cases, the most pressing need is a dental cleaning, a procedure that involves:

– the removal of tartar and plaque from all teeth

– the polishing of teeth to make substances less likely to adhere

– a demonstration of how to floss teeth correctly

– an explanation of proper teeth brush techniques for maintaining the best possible results

– and additional vital services.

We’re so convinced of the need for additional dental health services in the San Diego area that we’re providing free consultations on January 1, 2015. Please take advantage of this limited opportunity.

To learn more about this event or to arrange a free dental consultation with us, contact Brighton Dental, the office of Dr. Daniel Vinograd, at (619) 640-5100.

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